The Erotic Blueprint™

Commanding your sex drive, and knowing what turns the key and revs up the power is absolutely enticing!

They say fantasies are masquerades of your innocent heart.  There are many sexual states; resting, healing adventurous, curious, transformational. Shame, and misunderstanding lay havoc to the states of pleasure you experience in physical, chemical, emotional, or energetic routes.

Your Erotic Blueprint is a term coined by Dr.Jaiya a sexual and health educator.  In order to give ourselves the pleasure we want, we need to have a language to communicate, Dr. Jaiya calls this a blueprint. There are four categories in the blueprint, individuals fall into percentiles ,sometimes falling into the unique category of a shapeshifter; one who embodies all four types, energetic, sensual, kinky, and sexual.

“I believe that sex isn’t just something we do. Sex is essential to our health, our vitality and vibrant aliveness.” ~ JAIYA

Energetic Types (25% Me):

  • Very sensitive because of strong emotional physical connection
  • Ability for full-body orgasm
  • Affected by partner’s moods
  • Feels things before touches
  • Senses Anticipation with extreme pleasure

What does this type NEED?

  • Attention and absolute presence
  • Light energetic, hovering Touches, stroking touch
  • Eye Contact/emotional connection
  • Turned on by anticipation

Positives Aspects:

  • Sensitivity equals ability to experience a range of great pleasure!
  • Connected-affected greatly by partners pleasure
  • Accessible full body orgasm, and or multiple orgasms

Sensual Types (10% Me):

  • Requires some type of “wind-down” from outside forces
  • Sensual massages, foreplay and “setting the mood”
  • Mood lighting, music and candles helps the chaos melt away

What does this type NEED?

  • romanticism
  • lack of stress
  • ritualist sex
  • Engage the senses

Positive Aspects:

  • Very well connected to sensations of the body
  • simple pleasures become orgasmic
  • Brings beauty and “orgasm anchors”

Sexual Type: (30% Me)

  • Do you love learning new sexual techniques and crave that sexual knowledge?
  • Sexual types have an insatiable appetite for the erotic, if their partner is not granting them the attention needed they will become easily frustrated!
  • These personas exude sexual charisma and desire is ignited like a flame.
  • They certainly have the end goal in mind the whole time, Orgasm!

What does this type NEED?

  • Because of a strong libido system they require active masterbation, watching porn are anykind of sexual activity.
  • This is the most simplistic type because they thrive on anything sexually explicit and stimulations like visuals.
  • May Demand too much orgasm!
  • Contact

Positive Aspects:

  • Are great sex partners
  • They are fearless
  • Very high sex drive, easily pleased
  • straight -forward

Sex is a need, it’s fun but it is also a need helps you thrive outside of the bedroom.  It is the fundamental calorie of life.

Kinky Type:(25% Me)

  • A curious type, does doing something taboo excite you?
  • Yes then you are interested in either role-play, restraint and power plays.
  • Turned on by power dynamics
  • Psychosomatic relationships

What does this type NEED?

  • Creative fantasy in sexual play
  • Good communication skills

Positive Aspects:

  • Psychological play
  • Easily turned on with triggers
  • Control

Shape Shifter Type (10% Me)


Encompasses the ability of all four types

Loves to please their partner. Struggles to identify


People are wired through different types, some stick to one and others often explore different realms especially if they want to share something special with their lover… We are learning creatures unfolding our knowledge as we grow.  Let me be your exotic guide into yourself and come out feeling a whole new person. Like a vibrating orgasm through your body cleans out all the cortisol and toxic neurochemicals, inplace a rush of positive energy and delectable serotonin is pumped. The creation of this energy is magnimus and something to behold past the journey of self realism.

Your explorer,


Be an explorer and take the test! Here:



Jaiya. Cuffed, tied and satisfied: a kinky guide to the best sex ever/c2014

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