2019 Documentary Review

The femmes mind and eye has been conditioned by movies constructed by and for the male gaze. Media infuses “gendered” social cues into society, since this revelation, I have excavated and uprooted my gender roles and values, examining their origins. Let’s become more apprehensive now of messages coming through media outlets. The end of my 20s I refuse to be as confused as the doe eyed femme I’d entered as, now I cannot help to question…is the story weaved by people whom walked, talked, or lived in the lives they will capitalize from.
This documentary holds the sex worker stereotypes accountable for the influence they sustain within our society and culture. Showgirls, Pandora’s Box, Sin City, and American Beauty are a few to name the dozen of films dissected by primary sources credible to represent the SW community.
Whorephobia has the initiative to police a body and mind specifically the femme body. By controlling the femme bodies ethos in society, our emotional, maternal and reproductive work is never honored, but rather taxed. It is deeply entrenched into the politics of capitalism, patriarchy, and religion. Freedom, liberation, and independence from these systems of psychological and sexual oppression is a journey I hope to take with you…
The narratives given light here, allow a space to defuse stigma and bring awareness, inspiration and truth to Sex Workers.
Most of the tropes spoken for in the film such as:
Feeling ashamed, innately “bad” because of the gratification work gives, Always in search of respectability, and that romantic love is unrealistic, were all whorephobia ideas colonizing my mind at the time I entered the Sex Industry. This stigma caused the real aversion to my quality of life, so, I got off the rock I was living on and under (found SW on twitter after I moved from Hawaii) thus I found independence, healthy boundary expressions, and happiness, we all deserve that!
Whores on Film speculate the narratives projected from the media, shone onto our value systems. Whether be it, an episode or commercial, it begs us to question what social checks this channel propagates as well as the shadow the funding of the message contributes.
As I plant new seeds in this amazing community I reach closer to my goal of forming an island of providers that serve an oasis of sexual and sensual mysteries.
Being a free sexual agent, informed and empowered making autonomous decisions attuned to your nature is our nature!
Thank you so much for this film it is very close to my heart, it made me laugh, cry and bawk! I wish this film could be seen by middle schoolers honestly! Girls in my school at 11-13 years old were being “ho teased”… The budding adolescent must understand that sexuality isn’t a weapon of shame. Instead we should magnify, asking for consent, sexual responsibility, freedom, pleasure and holding boundaries, and if anything bully not being respectful.
“Filmmakers make more of what they want to see in the world”
Watch it now!!!


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