The Iron Man 2016 is a 200 mile run and a relay, team spirit was written all over the cars! Isn’t it exciting to see people in the flow of what they love doing? The Kona Coast was rich with sweat, tears and some blood. It was hot and the lava terrain ate a couple knees today. I saw as I drove with my first travel companion. The lava reminds me of the fertility and younth of myself. The black terrain extends from the cloudy far off peaks down the mountain sides beyond the one road and then down 2 miles to the beach. It was an oasis tucked away in the jagged unforgiving rocks. Palm trees, sand, and a lovely picnic was enjoyed. Families played and we lovers lounged. My favorite thing was his enthusiasm for food, he was a connaissor a chef indeed!

We marveled at the clear blue water and licked at it’s shore line while the sea enjoyed our bright smiles. This was the start of a beautiful date.

There are surfers, artists, healers, farmers, countrymen, and families in Kona that have established themselves among their neighbor folk. Tucked away very adorably, not to shy, with aloha and pride.

It has such a home feeling and I felt right at Home! The tropical drinks and flavors like mango, lilikoi and tahitian lime are still familiar in my mouth…

The golden sunset was one of the best feeling of the trip, the colors were dripping with such gold sunshine I know my hair must have been on fire! We danced to Alabama Shakes and other soul and Hawaiian lore we had to share.

Seeing the tired runner’s faces at the airport reminded me how refreshed I felt, I got a local beer at the bar and listened to the latest gossip about Samsung 7 phones being confiscated from travelers. Oh the backlash of not having your phone when you travel, I didn’t want to think of the stress! Barely finishing the beer, and settled over to my gate with a book and relaxing music. I am very thankful to have been flown to a new place and have these long and happy memories to think upon fondly!

Sweet dreams,
Camille D

P.S In my sweet dreams I see Kona, bright and sunny like the people that will welcome you if you are lucky! It’s a place of romance and mystery still yet, I can hear the sweet lullabies of New dreams…

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