P-Gasm A.K.A Prostate-Gasm: Harping on pegalicious times

We can induce our most primate right to cum, even without an erected member!  Masters and Johnson in their groundbreaking research, found that a woman climax isn’t mutual exclusive to her playmate’s firm sword (Masters & Johnson, 1970, 1986).  New studies surrounding prostate health has scientifically proven men are able to achieve climax, without an erection. Haven’t you always wished you could cum just as much as your bedmate? Now you can become the cum slut you’ve adored.  The p-gasm has no refractory period!

What is it like?

There is a heat that begins to stimulate you.  The breath and your contractions become clear as sight. Each palpitation sends me gliding into the rhythm of your consent.  There is a forgiving tightness that wants to accept my soft urging.  All of your rim’s nerves are shooting up and down in spasms of tingly pleasure.  Soon your pleasure spot is soft and glides onto my index.  Your grip is strong but the lube and your inner pelvic is sucking me deep, alongside your p-spot.  Vibrations build inside, like a drop of water rippling a pool, the feeling of this energy fills up all body regions.  The trembling takes hold of your body and you inhale and exhale euphoric exaltations.

Doesn’t it hurt?

  Because the anal region hasn’t any glands to secrete natural lube, it is imperative that loads of anal lube (high viscosity) is used to combat friction.  Reapplying lube is normal and can be really fun, especially if you have a shooter!  Communicating beforehand to understand your partners verbal cues when pressure is welcomed or not is key. Take deep breaths to be attuned in the moment and focus into the body, being mindful of the giving and receiving body language.  Have all possible non-verbal “yes/no/slow down” to be known and understood before play. 

Sperm cells unite with semen to make’eth man healthy

Releasing toxins and preventing prostate cancer this is vital, 1 in 10 men will have prostate cancer according to U.S health statistics.

“According to an 8-year study of 29,342 men ages 46 to 81, those who ejaculated at least 21 times a month reduced their risk of the disease by a third, compared with those averaging 4 to 7 times a month. Researchers speculate that the sexual active seeking men may be clearing potentially carcinogenic cells from the body”(Yeager 2006)

 The prostate gland is like an airplane cushion that hugs the urethra;the valve that trajectories down the shaft and is accountable for urination and ejaculatory secretions.  Regular masterbation and prostate milking is proven to lower the risks of developing cancer in the erogenous zone. Life extending and fun, this activity flushes your body, releasing it of toxins and exercising your inner muscles of rejuvenation.

What can a gentlemen do?

An exercise you can do, sitting down or standing up in the office, to help circulation and to help prepare for a good orgasm is contracting and relaxing your Pelvic floor muscles.  Breathe in and hold your pelvic floor, be purposeful with contractions tightening your perineum as much as possible until exhaling and releasing your PC muscles, with ease and control.

Not only will multi-orgasmic P-spot orgasms enhance your life holistically, it will improve your ejaculatory orgasm. In turn the many nerve endings surrounding the prostate gland are “turned on”.  This creates a pooling of seminal fluids, whom anticipate the signal, to ready ambush.  

Professional companion shares an analogy

During the P-gasm experience your member (cock)  will spring to call for action, however, think of him as another system like a Taxi car crying out for attention for more riders.  The p-gasms in this analogy is Lyft, competent to deliver you, an even greater potential.

The Giver should not be distracted by any “taxi” ride influence; remember that your member is simply in response mode.  The wait will be well worth it! When your current exploration has felt well on it’s way and pleasantly explored enough, or you’ve reached a new P-Gasm record then there is nothing stoping your pleasure train to completion.

Planned Sex is hot & anticipation is greater than hope

 In movies sex is a wildness of nature that is sprung on people rather spontaneously. In real time planning physical intimacy is necessary because of our hectic routines/schedules. This is normal and one hundred percent o.k and in my experience become just as memorable and definitely more enjoyable!



Giver: Partner Giving the p-gasm.       Receiver: Partner Receiver the p-gasm

Let the Giver Give and The Receiver Receive-bask in your right your moment 

Preparation for Receiver:

You must eat lots of fiber rich food, to have a clean anal tract.  The day of;  have a good breakfast and then a smoothie a couple hours later to help clean out your digestive tract from accumulating more bile throughout the day.  Self-Enema’s are easy and can be quite a therapeutic process.  I suggest put on your relaxing music, hitting the steamy shower, take mindful deep breathing.  Also make sure you eat a lot of fiber, your anal lining is able to self clean naturally if provided a healthy diet. The bodies natural way to combat pain is through circulating oxygen through your body; breathing mindfully will gain assess to bodily control. 

Preparation for The Giver:

Check your hands have no open scrapes, your manicure should be short, unpainted, and given a proper antibacterial hot soap wash; if using gloves, inquire of any allergic reactions.  Using gloves make sure there is a tight fit.  Note for Givers with long nails you can put cotton balls in the inside of the glove, at the tip.  Consistent application of lube is to be expected, being considerate to any irritation friction inflames.  Water-based lube is the best option for toys,  the graduation won’t be immediate.  Coconut oil is best for your index fingers for newcumers.  When in doubt: 1.check in with your partner. 2. put more lube on!

Listen to your body, don’t keep accepting accepting pressure, if your body is not relaxing.  If you feel tense, your muscles will try to protect you by clenching.  Forcing anything further than your comfortable place will cause mind-body trauma. In the case of getting to the p-spot…It is rare for a full index to enter, and that is 100 % o.k, normal and expected. The stimulation of the perineum and sphincter will be enough for you to be sensing it’s welcome another time. It is so comforting to feel hot, wanted, peau-a peau, skin to skin touch. Soft pressure on the rim, in light waves, licking the edges of your desiring opening, lulling with touch, ever so much, in-sync with your breath.

Continued consent is confirmed through and through.

All regions of your core come together, forming heat inside, noticing the stimulation, I read the tension in each body part, the space between gasps and breaths, your precipitation and such other communicative forms delivering time in and again. 

Indirect stimulation to the p- spot is given by a light pressure on the scrotum in between the perineum and the testicles.  I like to call this the Give spot, because when I press on this sweet place, I am given more lushness.

Well Something’s got to Give!

New toys are on the market, tested with clinical trials. Studies show that frequent prostate massage, will increase your ejaculatory control! Isn’t it time women stop getting all the fame for pelvic floor abilities? Don’t you want to be as skilled in every muscle in your power? In whole, you will achieve greater control, deepen your satisfaction, libido and arousal time.

I suggest this site for the curious: https://www.aneros.com/helix-syn.html

The murderer of shame is curiosity, don’t we wanna kill that insidious bug of shame! Step into the unknown and embrace pleasures beyond the standard ejaculatory orgasm experience a new orgasm on a deeper level.


Communication is Lubrication-Sexy-Hot-Vocalization-of-Pleasures

‘Masters, W., & Johnson, V. (1986). Sex and human loving. Boston: Little, Brown & Company.

Yeager S. Ask Selene. Prevention. 2006;58(11):44. https://hpu.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?

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