I dream of his fantasies and one day may them come to fruition.

The worst companion, is


Her long hair was the perfect frame for her stunning face. It cascaded gently over her bare shoulders to lightly caress her back. From my vantage point I could see how the sun brought out her natural highlights, at times turning the waves of her brunette locks to a rich blond. It reminded me of a glass of fine Kentucky bourbon on the rocks. I appreciated the comparison for a moment – yes, she was like a fine bourbon in many ways. She could be cool, but when you tasted her she was like sweet, liquid fire. It radiated down through you, exciting every nerve. She was intoxicating, as one taste encouraged the next, and the next. I craved that first sip of her, but like a good bourbon, I was happy to take my time and appreciate the anticipation.

She looked up at me with those eyes, those warm, deep, beautiful eyes, her hair sliding lower down her back. Our eyes locked, but we said nothing. There were no words necessary, as the conversation of the eyes said it all. Her eyes were inviting, asking, welcoming, suggesting. We both knew and wanted what was to be.

Using two fingers I gently brushed back a wisp of hair that had fallen onto her check. My fingertips lightly glanced her check, sending electric shocks through my arm. Again I reached for her, placing the four four fingertips of each hand on her temples before letting them slide down. She continued to gaze at me, more intently, showing me the heat was building.

Her hair was as soft as silk between my fingertips. I let my hands fall as my fingers ran gently though the brunette and blond waves. Again, I ran my fingertips through her hair, appreciating the cool softness. As my fingers moved they tugged slightly on her hair. it was enough for her to lean her head back slightly, giving in as I gently pulled the length of her hair.

The connection between us was electric, and strong. Her eyes left mine as she leveled her gaze. My fingertips now caressed the sides of her head as they ran through her luxurious hair. With each pass I pressed a little more against her scalp and pulled a little more on the ends of her hair, letting my fingers brush across her shoulders. I looked down to see that her gaze remained fixed, straight ahead. She was a beautiful, alluring woman, like that bourbon, and I was ready to have a sip.

I ran my fingers through her hair again, pressing gently against her scalp. As my fingers ran out of scalp, I cupped my hands to hold the back of her head. One hand on either side of her head, holding firmly. The silk of her beautiful hair spilled out and all over my hands. As I gently tightened my grip on her head, I slowly pulled her head forward, towards me. It was slow, no reason to hurry with fine bourbon. She offered very little resistance as I held her head and moved her closer and closer.

She was close enough I could feel her hot breath. She was breathing a bit heavier than before, as was I. I continued pull her towards me. And then…

The universe of nerves in my body exploded. It was as powerful as chugging three fingers of bourbon. It was a jolt of electricity when the tip of her tongue contacted the tip of my cock. The burn amplified as I continued to pull her head to me, and she caressed the tip with her tongue. I continued to pull her head to me, slowly. I could hear the wetness of her tongue as it spread her saliva across the broad head of my fully engorged cock. I continued to pull her to me, now pressing the tip of my rod against her lips. Now without stopping, I pushed my cock into her willing mouth and kept pushing. I felt her lips squeeze my shaft as I flexed my hips slightly to push deeper.

I pulled her head closer to me, as she took my cock into her mouth. We didn’t stop until she help the length of my hard cock in her mouth. It felt exquisite, warm, slick, tight. I felt the head of my cock pass over her lips and press on her tongue. Her mouth was so wet, it coated my shaft and warmed it. I continued to push, now enjoying the pressure of her lips on the shaft as my cock passed through them. I pressed my rock-hard cock as far into her warm wet mouth as it would go. The feeling was delicious, coursing through every nerve path in my body.

And then, with my cock buried in the wet heat of her mouth, she looked up at me again with those big beautiful eyes…

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