Mile High [part 1]

I realized I was walking unusually quickly as I left the office building. The cool Utah air felt good, clearing my head. Only in town for a few hours, it was important that my meetings went well, and I was enjoying the feeling of success. But there was much more to my positive disposition. The thought brought a smile to my face, and a gleam to my eye.

The driver was waiting at his polished Town Car, door open. He knew we had a short window for getting me to Salt Lake International, and he was fully prepared to make sure I didn’t miss my flight, and he didn’t miss his promised tip. As we merged onto 15 North I allowed myself a moment to feel the excitement, and enjoy the anticipation of my upcoming flight.

I have travelled quite a bit, and the prospect of yet another long flight would normally not excite me. But this flight was different. I had been looking forward to this flight for over a year. Yes, I recalculated and confirmed that it had been over a year since…

“Delta, sir?”

The driver’s question brought me back from the memory I had visited every day.

“Yes, please” I replied.

The sedan turned east on I-80, staying in the left lane to make the best time. Within minutes we pulled up at the terminal. The driver pulled my bag from the trunk and gave it to the SkyCap. He handed me the bag claim ticket as I handed him an envelope containing the tip I knew he would earn.

I checked my watch again – gotta hurry!

I breezed through the TSA check and made my way to my gate without delay. The flight attendants smiled and welcomed me aboard as the ground crew closed the door in preparation for departure. I opened the bin over row three, stowed my work bag, then sat down in the first class comfort of seat 3B.

I closed my eyes and took a long, cleansing breath, trying to slow my racing heartbeat. Sure, I had hurried, but I knew that was not the cause of my accelerated pulse. My hands released their grip on the arm rests as I took another cleansing breath. With the third breath I felt respirations retard and pulse settle down.

When her hand touched mine I felt her energy run through my entire being. I kept my eyes closed, trying to prolong this delicious moment. Above the whine of the turbines I heard her shift in her seat, then I felt the luxurious softness of her lips on my cheek.

“Tu m’as manqué”, she whispered.

“Ma petite”, I reply.

Slowly I open my eyes and look to my left. She is there, sitting next to me, smiling at me with her luscious mount and her beautiful eyes. I don’t say anything more – I am speechless. She smiles and blushes. She is so often the focus of attention, but rarely is it like this. I hold her hand, and she rests her head against my shoulder as the plane backs away from the terminal and taxis to runway 34R, destination HNL.

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