I always love love love making words up, I am a natural creator. As a female and artist it’s the best combo for inspirations! Where did such a wild-flower grow some might wonder?

It’s a common question and here in this post I will go over that long, small talk story of my “edumacation”

It all started in the water the ocean, going under waves and holding my breath while waves set towards me and my guardian we dived under those sets in makapu’u and sandies.

Now am 3 years old going to school early as preschool at a private international french school in LA. In this closed community I grew beautifully bi-lingual in a culturally permissive playground. Places that were far in actuality like Europe and Asia felt so close to heart. Hawaii in practice was close to me, still, I practiced tahitian and hula as young as 3 in the city of angels.

When the eldest in my home was accepted into Bernice Pauahi Bishop’s school for Hawaiians, we moved into this sizzling cultural hot pot!

10 years old I entered a public elementary school on the east side of Oahu. Singing the star spangled banner, R.O.T.C , D.A.R.E, and short bathroom stall doors were all new to me. I was pulled me out and homeschooled by my mother till I was 13, I helped</div><div> raise my brother that was just born.

Middle school years, ah golden time when I officially started riding the bus and becoming a towner…I attended a Hawaiian Charter School. Charter Schools are funded by the state but have their own curriculum standards unlike the Department of Education’s. Hawaiian culture, values, history, and language was the core educational pillars of my next three years….The details of exactly what a jungle of a school this was in all ways thinkable is another good story…

The best public high school, they say….it was a hospital and now it has the best aero-field! Rough Riders need I not say the name, my freshman year was a breeze. I passed academically with favor and dealt well socially, coming from the “jungle” had me conditioned to be with very best people.

This is not where I end though no, Rough Rider only for a year, happily… I would walk through an episcopalian Cathedral of 44 girls on my graduation day.

Somehow am always blessed and shadowed by my guardians in academia, I end my formal educational journey at my Bachelors degree. I was so inclined to prove myself coming from the rough and only surviving on scholarships drove me to my most challenging subject I vowed I could and I would and it cost me so much as this moment right now. Biology, medicine, naturopathy, alternative medicine this was the calling to heal and strange where I find myself always in lifestyle and practice. In the next Blog I will unveil the other small talk question of the century how did you get here exactly and that story started my sophomore year in College…2012

To Be Continued…

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