Digital dating and virtual shows have been an excellent plateau to connect my body and self into a space that is accessible to all!  I have developed a podcast and a Naked Yoga show archived on my Onlyfans.  I have uploaded some videos on Pornhub (available upon request) and the olʻ faithful Youtube. Thank you so much my love for supporting me and being alongside my growth of Camille, a young lady becoming a wise woman. 
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Oakland PD, getting ready to gas us 15 minutes before it was deemed an "unlawful gathering" and 10 minutes before they let off sound bombs and threw fireworks May 29th 2020

It has been an exciting time in the eye of chaos…I grew up protesting in Hawaii for sovereignty, land, resources and the preservation of our culture. I feel the magnitude of this moment and need you to be a part of the shift as well. Thank you to everyone that reached out to check in post Police Lynching protests when tear gas was deployed on me and protesters. The fight is far from over and I have all the resources for you to start being anti-rasicst in my Linktree Here.  We live in a world that is socially conditioned to be racist, colorist, fatphobic, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, and whorephobic.  These ideologies wonʻt cease to exist until the systems that silence, incarcerate and oppress POC are rewritten.  Unpacking these conditions one step at a time by first admitting how you benefit from them, researching…I am currently reading: How to be anti-racist (audiobook by writer), Me and Whitesupremacy (the workbook) and Antagonist Advocate and  Allies.  Process what has been learned with other people of privilege. You are welcome to email me in reference to the books I mentioned above and we can start an online book club together!


←Can you spot my contribution to this collective art mural? 
 Mid June 2020 all my patience wore thin with Uncle Sam. I really missed affection, adoration, love, and happy moments with my special ones.  Opening my doors since then has ushered in a familiar old fear that brings me back to my first years of being a professional full body massage provider.  Itʻs a new life becoming a sex worker, full of new precautions, routines, self-care and preservation. 
Much like navigating CoronaVirus, extreme pre-cautions concerning health, safety and hygiene are essential to survival.

2016 Camille D at the Secret Tide pools of Makapuʻu

The Premier Gallery of High Class Touring Escort Luxury Lifestyle Service Provider, Models, Atmosphere Model, Brand Ambassador, Travel Companion, Companion, Lingerie Model, Runway Model, Swimwear Model, Exclusive Model, VIP Entertainer, Elite Series, Dinner Companion, Model Concierge, Elite Companion, Luxury Companion, Print Model, Caddy Hostess, Concierge, Exclusive Entertainer, Dinner Date, NYC Model, NYC Companion, Miami Model, Miami Companion, Chicago Model, Chicago Companion, DC Companion
The work hazards sex workers face are somewhat ineviatble and far more dangerous with criminalization.  Screening client reputations, playing safe, and routine testing eases the likelihood of risky situations.  The unseen concerns I manage, to make a living are parallel to the invisible threats we have all experienced surviving CV19.
Like driving a car it brings us great joy to experience and live life to itʻs fullest potential no matter the statistics of crashing/injury.  We arenʻt naive to the dangers of the road but we do enact rules to keep it as safe as possible.

Camilleʻs CV19 Insurance for the new millennia 

Mandatory Verification inquiry about potential exposure:
  1. When is the last time you have traveled?
  2. Have you had any close encounters with a person affected by CV19 in the last 14 days? 
  • If you have any symptoms of muscle fatigue fever, sore throat ect…just rest and re-book in advance, if you leave a deposit I will give you extra time on my massage table when we can safely meet!
  • Covid tests like STI tests can be falsified or made inept if exposed after being tested.  Therefore I do not require your test results though I do encourage clients to know their status; giving me some teaspoon of safeguarding, I can share my own as well.  
  • I will only be accepting one slot of companionship time per week, taking a leave until my updated CV19 tests return back negative. Expect to make a premeditated-date  
  • Once verified and our date comes to be, upon entering I will usher you immediately to the bathroom where you can leave the honorarium and be expected to wash your face and hands thoroughly.
  • I sanitize all of my work space with hospital grade wipes, bleach the floors, Humidify the room with antibacterial oils, and use non-toxic enzyme cleaners for my curtains and sheets after each session. Additionally I use smoke (sage) to clear out any negative vibes from my oasis. 
Because of my new CV19 insurance plan described above, I will typically be booked out two weeks in advance. 
Well worth the wait to be free of our anxious fears and safe to make beautiful memories that will be a reliable soothing agent for CV19 curses.

Feel The Movement

I sandwiched The Movement information between my Rona update to ensure you read into Black Lives Matter especially black trans sex workers….Continuously they are front lines of the fight for sex worker rights.  They are also amazing valid human beings that deserve to not just survive but live, and thrive!
Donʻt be complacent in comfort and silence. If you hear someone being racist, colorist, fatphobic, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, or whorephobic call them in and speak up so our Black and Brown families can focus on healing instead of reverberating the paper cuts of their present and generational trauma in order to educate your ignorance. 
Itʻs not getting worse, the veil is only being lifted.

Let the truth live somewhere else than the body

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