Flex your gentleman muscles!  

Manners make’eth man; which binds respect and grants further trust and thus more intimacy.

Understand how to manage an engagement of this caliber

Be cordial with  camilledee@protonmail.com Text use is acceptable after you are screened.  Follow the Style from the Form below:

*Proper speech, no lascivious language. 
  • Full Legal Name
  • Field of business
  • Resident City & State
  • Date of interest
  • Duration Preferred

ONE of these methods will be used to vouch for your good behavior
  • P411 or PrivateDelights Membership Handle
  • LinkedIn account link
  • Reference from previous provider (seen in the last 6 months)
  • Meet in person 50$

For your Protection: 

Your information is simply to verify you are the acclaimed citizen I expect to meet.  This garters confidence that our time will be lovely and relaxing.
  • I have a secure encrypted e-mail 
  • I will agree to signing an  NDA if needed

A heartfelt write up, by a stunning escort in why WE screen.

In-call: At the start as you enter, place the consideration on my kitchen or bathroom counter as you arrive.  No verbiage is needed to indicate you’ve done so. 
Out-call: As I enter, leave the consideration in a place that needs no question to where and whom it is for.
Social Meeting: Use a hallmark card, a book (gift), or a mini gift bag to wrap the honorarium and present it, within the first few minutes of meeting. 

I truly appreciate gentlemen that book dates a month to a week in advance, it is so nice to look forward to something over-time!
Travels and business can at times, ignite like a flame. With little notice, there is still hope to book several days to a day in advance,
Day of booking request will have a 100 fee added, if you are a new client.  Be considerate and cordial in correspondence and perhaps we can make a wonderful time, unfold sooner than later.
Texting and email Contact is not for recreational use, be mindful of the time and energy executed.  Once we are formally acquainted texting-sexting is appropriate. 

It is an eloquent elusive writing style, that rings with delicate subconscious undertones of sexual natures.  First encounters make me a little nervous too, you’re messages and the fun quirks shared truly humanizes you from my screen.  I hope you find the same relief when reading my funny, dark and informative blogs.  Know my personality  though Twitter @Camilledee33.  I have been building my source of credibility as a professional courtesan since my College ended in ‘16. There is veritableness in the evolution of my photos, and the consistency of my writing style.
Avoid Text Speech.  No explicit questions. Three to Five solid sentences usually sums the information needed to communicate clearly and with good character.  Careful with sexual euphemisms and acronyms. Remuneration is exclusively for my time.
Meeting at my In-call, I like to kiss on the cheek and hug (Local HI style).  Then we will walk together side by side, here we tend to babble of life events coming soon, the weather, a joke, with a smile and giggle I will open the gates and escort us inside. In public spaces near my in-call, please be courteous and on your best gentlemen’s behavior, until we close the door and loose our Jackets & Shoes. Inside we can embrace with reckless abandon.  Once we enter the boudoir, you are expected to freshen up in the master bathroom.  I will check the honorarium that you leave in the bathroom or kitchen, to ensure how much time you’ve reserved.   My consideration is non-negotiable, meaning it can never be discussed. Be kind and discreet. Consideration can be discussed in our date if you are interested in extending, only. 

Two Blocks from Morcom Rose Garden
700 Jean St, Oakland, CA 94610

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Let me come hither to your pad and bless it with some magic! I can host you in Oakland and SF.  Or I can come to you! If you leave within 5-30 minutes away I will request 50 for my travel and time and if you reside 30min+ away I can come with a 70+ additional consideration.


 I have only a description of my eyes: amber color, almond shaped with ridiculously naturally long eyelashes. One always likes a mystery yes?  
I am not marked, but love when a patron has art themselves!  While priming his core with hot oil I gawk at the skill and power his body art elicits.  Symbolism is a koi non-verbal language I love to unravel and gain insight.
In my teens and early 20s I went through an extensive piercing stage in which either side of my upper and lower lip was pierced.  Both sides of my belly button, my tongue and neck have been pierced.  They have all healed, I love pointing the scarification out!

Accept is an understatement, Rather I; relish in,  and never forget your acts of loving consideration. What isn’t expected is greeted with utmost appreciation and a heart of reciprocation.

I have Three very special friends, I would love to share my taste in the ultimate feminine company, a  Menage a trois!
Beautiful and Witty Mature Redhead, Petite Wickedly Wise Ebony Vixen, Petite Island Chica Rocking and Grooving!
Inquiries welcome.

If I have seen you in the last 6 months, I will Happily give my consent use me as a reference.  I love helping you and my fellow sister’s, it is uplifting how sweetly we dote on your excellent communication, kind gestures, and good nature.

Manager, Company Workers, Independent Enterprisers, CEO, Actors, Agents, Engineers, Designers, Coders, Physicians, Commercial Industry, and Scientist. The White, New, Gold, Grey, and Green Collar Professionals.  They share in common; Great energy, focus, audacity, hunger, drive, Good-will…
I do not discriminate on ethnic background, disability, or spiritual compass. Though I do prefer clients that are older and will therefore impose greater screening measures if you are a young adult. 
I love and accept clients with disabilities. My Oakland abode has wheelchair assess! 


At the moment, I only accept couples who comply with an individual one on one 30 minute coffee/tea date to build trust and a sense of balance within the pair. After getting acquainted we can choose a date to meet or extend our time. I appreciate this method best. Thank you for your compliance. I understand the time commitment and only expect 100 for the initial meeting, with my hourly of 600 remaining constant.

Other Genders?

I am Pansexual. Yes!

Before confirming our date, double and triple check your schedule to ensure your 100% ability to be present at that time. My accepting your reservation, will prompt declining all other work opportunities.
Thank you for respecting my time! I understand that unexpected storms come through life, in the event of conflicts with our date time, I will Kindly ask to reschedule and gift you extra time or a massage in our next session.
 On your behalf, in the need change our date… please do so within 48 hours of the date.  Cancel less than 2 days before our appointment and I will need a safety deposit of 100 that will go towards our next session if claimed within the month.
 If failure to show/cancel to alert me cancellation/no show I will Blacklist your info.

Whisk me away to a your outcall! Only available for my seasoned gentlemen in a upscale outcall. Wake up and get to know lumber Jane.
Package starts at 3,000 depending on when we meet for dinner. 

Yes, travel planning is one of my forte! Gentlemen start your note with where & when we will meet.  Your expectations is to take care of the hotel 3.5 stars & airfare in advance via an electric gift card. Thank you for welcoming me to your city, in offering, I will gift you 3 hours for the consideration of 1.
 I can’t wait to greet you with a kiss!

I am passport ready! I do require a video or phone conference, additional to general screening.  My rates depend on where we will travel to and range between 6,000-10,000 vacations.

Do you miss the daily texting, sexting and endearing notes. With a monthly allowance of 1,500, we can co-create an exclusive relationship.  camilledee@protonmail.com

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*No video or pictures allowed in sessions.
*I do have an erotic art collection for sale, upon request.

Your Curious Siren,


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