Last night I had the most beautiful evening, talk about when perfect strangers meet. You give them a big hug and their breath, sigh and body feels right in your arm like a glove tailored just for it’s keeper. It’s like time stands still the moments we have all been waiting for….There was a soul connection, right there that first exchange marks me like an imprint. Where did I meet this kind, kindred, honest, open , human being somewhere so far in time, am certain it’s from stardust from another light. Our souls are destined, bless this auspicious coincidence that united our life.!

Confession #1 that has a tangible relation to this post…I am fascinated by teeth. Not in a fetish way, in a matter of attraction. A great smile is something that has haunted my personal self, after some self loathing I came to accept and love my shy, sinister smile.

Can you guess now what I love most to find? After that hardship, of course, you guessed it….. your smile. The natural curvature of your face when delighted is precious and am always determined to find it so.

You smiling and giving your all to me is generosity in its purest form. A metaphorical measure of sunshine that never leaves my memory of you.

Flying in the mile high club has always been a dream of mine…although I haven’t flown with a lover…I have been summoned and my airfare was gifted to me. Thank you! You know who you are lover for making my travels possible. Perhaps are next move will be in the sky together, sitting in first class, my head on your lap resting, dreaming of our time to come.

Kulia I Ka Nu’u Strive for the highest!

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