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    I can’t think of a better gift then an expected surprise! You know you’ve met a fine man when he listens! I’ve got this loving recipe to make the sweetest gestures baked in crusty yummy Delish thoughts! Thank you so much for checking out what I need and desire <3 The infrared back device is actually for my pelvic core area and the Roomba I hope my cats take a liking too! The latex takes a while to ship but anticipation makes the heart grow fonder! The Sauna is really going to be a me and you investment I imagine you will be coming over after a stressful day and…

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    ’19 Park City Sundance, ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Month”

    It is a day before Sundance and my father e-mails (rare) in good spirits, and appreciation for sticking through rough legal academic battles that impacted our family staring in my adolescence.  In response, I expressed my pride and thanked him for the good example of hard work, and justice echoed. Without this beautiful and tumultuous life I wouldn’t find myself here now, in Park City at the Sundance festival! Sheer luck had it, that an assignation’s birthday, would fall be at the time of the festival. I had a one chance choice and decided immediately when my eyes fell upon the picture of a Maori cinematographer and her little boy.…

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    Prostate health, Anal Study, & Sexual Efficacy

      P-Gasm A.K.A Prostate-Gasm: Harping on pegalicious times We can induce our most primate right to cum, even without an erected member!  Masters and Johnson in their groundbreaking research, found that a woman climax isn’t mutual exclusive to her playmate’s firm sword (Masters & Johnson, 1970, 1986).  New studies surrounding prostate health has scientifically proven men are able to achieve climax, without an erection. Haven’t you always wished you could cum just as much as your bedmate? Now you can become the cum slut you’ve adored.  The p-gasm has no refractory period! What is it like? There is a heat that begins to stimulate you.  The breath and your contractions become…

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    Your Erotic Blueprint Matters

    The Erotic Blueprint™ Commanding your sex drive, and knowing what turns the key and revs up the power is absolutely enticing! They say fantasies are masquerades of your innocent heart.  There are many sexual states; resting, healing adventurous, curious, transformational. Shame, and misunderstanding lay havoc to the states of pleasure you experience in physical, chemical, emotional, or energetic routes. Your Erotic Blueprint is a term coined by Dr.Jaiya a sexual and health educator.  In order to give ourselves the pleasure we want, we need to have a language to communicate, Dr. Jaiya calls this a blueprint. There are four categories in the blueprint, individuals fall into percentiles ,sometimes falling into…

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    “She talked about books with so much passion that you wanted to be nothing but the chapter she had so insanely fallen in love with.” “She is a skilled dancer: graceful, rhythmic, and expres- sive. Her style is sometimes subtly and sometimes overtly seductive, and always intimate, and she maintains more…” “glorious combination of harmony and chaos and explosion.”     Riddles: 1.Lion Tamer, Closer than a friend, Wind dancer, at the bough’s end.   2.Although I am not high, my magic branches sweep the sky.